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  Stockpair Review
  Stockpair is the best known broker for pair trading. Almost 100 shares are available. These are our test experiences.
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Stockpair is a binary option broker, in the market only since 2010, that impresses with an intuitive trading platform and provides convenient and trader friendly option variants. The brokerage has its headquarters in Limassol, Cyprus, and presents the trading platform in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Arabic. German traders can, as often, utilize web generated translation which can be regarded as sufficient. Trading amounts range between US$20 and US$6,000, the minimum deposit for the trading account amounts to US$200.

Pfeil grün Trading at Stockpair

First of all it should be mentioned that navigating the trading platform is extremely intuitive, which is very accommodating even for trading novices. Furthermore even experienced traders appreciate this style of platform since nobody wants to be kept busy with technology when the objective is doing trades. Tradable assets can conveniently be selected via dropdowns, subsequently all the trader has to do is decide on the type of option, as for instance call or put for rising or falling rates, touch for meeting a price limit or range for remaining within price limits.

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For trades with terms of one hour or longer the trader can prematurely close the position in case he wants to realize possibly already incurred profits. The underlying assets, 110 in total, derive from seven exchanges in Europe, continental America, and Australia; the available currency pairings include important combinations such as EUR/USD, EUR/JPY, USD/CHF, USD/GBP and many further pairings that can be traded 24 hours per day. Furthermore a large selection of important shares, commodities such as gold, silver, crude, and indices are available. Within clearly presented charts traders can then monitor rate developments.

The broker awards gains of between 75 and 82 percent, with high yields (commonly with touch options and/or weekend trades) the returns can amount up to 350 percent. There are no refunds in case of loss. Demo accounts are unfortunately not available.

A very important feature, unique to this broker, is the trading in stock pairs. Here the trader compares two shares, for instance Microsoft and Apple or Google and Yahoo, and predicts that one of these two shares will develop more favourably than the other. If correct he earns his gain. This varies depending on the selected shares, which means that here too the trader to a degree speculates against the broker. This is a common tool that traditionally with classic options and other derivatives is implemented through the spread. Brokers and issuers have their own views of rate developments and set possible gains for traders higher, the riskier they themselves assess the investment to be. Nonetheless these evaluations should be considered carefully since brokers and issuers also may err. Returns of up to 300% are possible.

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Stockpair Homapage

Pfeil grün Trading platform and security at Stockpair

Stockpair unfortunately provides no information regarding the type of trading software, but it is a web based platform, thus no downloads are required. Customer deposits are managed by Stockpair in separate accounts under observance of international investment standards. Data transfers take place via secure SSL transmission, additional security procedures guarantee risk free trading in regard to investments – naturally this does not refer to possible trading losses. Likewise privacy protection and compliance with all other data protection regulations are strictly observed. Moreover the brokerage has ensured that trading remains very simple and comprehensible, a characteristic that cannot be taken for granted with binary option platforms. There are no hidden provisions or costs. The provider repeatedly refers in his training guides and FAQs to the particular advantages of trading in pair options, this relatively exotic variant of performance comparison between two values. Traders who feel confident with this kind of comparison are advised to utilize this option.

Pfeil grün Customer service, banking & bonus at Stockpair

Initial deposits can be managed by credit card, bank transfer or electronic cash systems such as CC, Skrill Moneybookers or WireTransfer, and a provisional deposit limit is set by Stockpair at €2,000, US$2,000 or £2,000. Minimum deposit with Stockpair is $/€200. This appears usual and is often related to the prevention of money laundering and tax evasion. Comprehensive comparisons among brokers including traditional brokerages have shown that individual providers differ widely in how restrictively they proceed. It usually depends on if attempts have been made by traders to use broker accounts to conceal money movements and been noticed by regulators who then issued warnings to or imposed restrictions on the broker who will be obliged to enforce them with his customers (something similar can be found with German prepaid accounts). Likewise the customer at Stockpair has to self-authenticate as account holder already while making deposits which is not too common either. Some brokers require authentication only at the time of withdrawing funds from the broker account while deposits can be made anytime and in unlimited amounts.

First time customer bonuses are awarded by Stockpair of up to 1,000 percent of trading volume, however the conditions for qualification are explained only poorly or not at all. Telephone support – but not in German – is available at regular office hours between 08:00h and 21:00h GMT.

Pfeil grün Verdict on Stockpair

The broker offers a well structured platform and fair trading conditions, and additionally some interesting exotic trading variants among which the pair options are the most interesting. This could motivate traders to open accounts with Stockpair, besides the broker – even intuitively – appears quite serious.

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Pfeil grün Stockpair Website Preview:

Stockpair Rating
Overall: Stern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung - halber Stern
Stocks: Stern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 Stern
Indices: Stern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 Stern
Currencies: Stern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 Stern
Commodities: Stern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 Stern
Trading Software: Stern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 Stern
Bonus: Stern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 Stern1 Stern Bewertung - halber Stern
Website: Stern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 Stern
Mobile: Mobile für iphone mobile für Android etc. not yet!
Languages Englisch Language German Language Spanisch Italian French Greece Dutch
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Stockpair Informations
Website http://www.stockpair.com
Asset Index at Stockpair
Currencies 9
Commodities 4
Indices 8
Stocks 91 (!)
Trading Information on Stockpair
Return up to 85%
High Yield Return up to 350 %
Loss Coverage Stopp Loss Feature
Min. Investment $/€ 20
Option Types High/Low, Pair Trading
Expiry Times 60 Sec, 30, 60 Min., 24 h
Stockpair Infos
Demo Account no
Webtrader Software yes
Mobile Trading no
Bonus für Neukunden Up to 100% on first deposit
Min. Deposit $/€ 200,-
Support at Stockpair
Working Hours: From Monday at 07:00 through Friday at 23:00, 24 hours a day.
Phone Intl. Worldwide: +44-2030269430
Fax n/a
Support e-Mail support@stockpair.com
Live Chat yes
Adresse Nextrade Worldwide Ltd.
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Stockpair Payment Options
Wire Transfer
Skrill Moneybookers
Skrill Moneybookers
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