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  OptionFair Review
  OptionFair is a very solid and serious broker for binary options. We put the platform through its paces. Read our newest Review:
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With a global presence the trading group Mika Holding appears in the commercial registers as a trader in binary options, currencies, shares and commodities. The trading brand OptionsFair also belongs to this group. The holding company is based in the British Virgin Islands. The enterprise group typically performs its trading through the Internet. For trading purposes they maintain several online platforms. Here is a link to OptionFair: http://www.optionfair.com

Pfeil grün Trading Tools at OptionFair

As a prospective trader with OptionFair one can usually expect up to 85 percent possible returns on successfully concludes trades. In case of an out of the money result, a refund of up to 15 percent of commitment can still be obtained. Further increases of this profit margin can be realized by opening gold or platinum accounts – so called VIP accounts for investment professionals. In this way maximum gains of up to 89 percent can be expected. In the upper league of online trading with binary options one can also benefit from trading insurances that offer protection against exceedingly large losses and from the services of personal account managers. Additionally one has the choice to prematurely terminate an already running trading process with the “Early Closure” button. In this case losses are usually inevitable but at OptionFair one gets real time information about the actual buy back value. Sometimes it is preferable to terminate a shaky looking trade prematurely as not all trades develop in a desired manner. Trading at OptionFair can be performed with commitments of as little as €20. The maximum investment per trade is limited to €1,000. Several trades can be conducted concurrently, but the limit is €1,000 per trade, and the total value of concurrent trades cannot exceed €2,000.

OptionFair proves to be just as obliging and flexible in respect to term periods. The decision to set a term of 15 or 30 minutes, or at day’s end, can be taken by the trader and based on how much time one is prepared to spend at the computer. Assets too can be chosen at OptionFair in flexible ways. Among the 40 trading options on offer are shares of well known large enterprises, currency pairings, valuable commodities or share indices.

OptionFair was among the first trading platforms offering besides the classic option types also less known ones. Trades can utilize the tools high/low, touch and boundary. Possible maximum gains are fixed at usually 85 or 89 percent. However that may appear too low to experienced traders in binary or other options. OptionFair therefore offers the choice to intentionally exceed a risk limit with all three of these tools. Realizing higher gains with the risk options however is closure of the trade in the money. This can generate three digit returns that can far exceed 300 percent. The corresponding risk versions are called "High/Low", “High Yield–Touch” and “High Yield–Boundary” at OptionFair.

Classic call/put trading
With binary options one deals mostly with call/put trading connected with the high/low option. At issue is if the rate development in one’s estimation will show upward or downward movement within a fixed time period. If the actual rate development within this time frame conforms to one’s estimate, correspondingly high gains can be realized. The risk version works in a similar manner, the difference being that in this case a prediction is made for the actual rate. If option trading here is subject to large fluctuation ranges, the risks can increase considerably, however prospective gains can as well.
One touch trading
With the “One Touch” tool one decides not if a rate will increase or decrease, but if a certain target value will be reached. This is called a touch. If the value is not reached then there is no touch. Reaching the value, regardless of the rate’s subsequent movement, constitutes success. For the risk version at OptionFair the option “High Yield-Touch” can be used. The larger distances between the initial and the predicted values correspond to higher risks; accordingly the probability of meeting the target value is lower. The risk version does not include a no touch option. Correct predictions will yield gains of up to 360 percent of the commitment.
Boundary trading
With the boundary option certain price limits are set that should not be broken by the actual rate value. Conversely in the risk version the limit must be broken. The target price levels are significantly more distant from the initial value than usual.

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Pfeil grün Trading platform and security at OptionFair

Years of experience, good tools and professional competence are important qualities that provide benefits for novices as well as traders with more experience in the practices of online trading. Variable trading methods, the possibility of individual choices, a clearly structured and comprehensible website and easily accessible customer service facilitate getting started with trading in binary options or currencies for newcomers. To trade binary options with OptionFair no third party software hass to be installed. All the tools needed are provided by the company’s online platform. The OptionFair trading platform can simply be opened in a web browser. A small drawback is that so far not all site content is yet available in multiple languages. To date OptionFair has been – incompletely – translated into fourteen languages, German among them, but one should keep in mind that many text items are not yet available in German. In fact currently only the menus exist in German.
Thus English is the default trading language at OptionFair, which makes it difficult for those not too well versed in English. Smart phone users however will be glad to find that they can have immediate access to the OptionFair trading site without having to install a new app. Since the OptionFair website has been optimized for mobile devices, Android phones and iPhones can access it without problems. Still some functions are usable only with restrictions. However a quick overview of the OptionFair portal or one’s trading account is possible.

Pfeil grün Customer service, banking & bonus at OptionFair

The choice of account type among the options standard, gold, and platinum account depends on the amount of the initial deposit. Standard accounts with OptionFair require a minimum of US$200 and are suitable for beginners. Advanced traders are dealing with higher commitments and will prefer to open a gold account. Only experienced trading pros chose platinum accounts. Deposits can be made using MasterCard or Visa, Maestro or Western Union cards. OptionFair also provides attractive customer service. First time customers can utilize a bonus scheme awarding bonuses on deposits. They can vary between ten and thirty percent of the initial deposit amount. This bonus can be used immediately for any trade, however payout can only take place after a trade volume of 40 times the bonus amount is reached. Terminating the trading relationship with OptionFair and requesting final disbursement without having met this target will forfeit the bonus. The upper limit for initial deposit bonus amounts is fixed at US$1,500. The bonus amount depends on the amount of the initial deposit. The decision to utilize the OptionFair bonus or not should be considered carefully.

Company employees can be contacted through their website via email, live chat or phone. However it is unclear at what times the phones at OptionFair are operative. No information is given on this point, which is a drawback. To be safe one may want to inquire before opening an OptionFair trading account, during what times customer support can be expected, in order to have a point of contact in case of problems. Support is however not yet available in German, only in English and four other languages. This too is a drawback that should be considered.

Pfeil grün Verdict on OptionFair

OptionFair is a very good broker for binary options. The trading platform and the trading conditions have been designed very well for the traders’ needs. Customer service and the bonus process also have appeal. Missing is only an app for iPhone and Android but we are confident that it will not take long to become available.

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Pfeil grün OptionFair Website Preview:

OptionFair Rating
Overall: Stern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung - halber Stern
Stocks: Stern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 Stern
Indices: Stern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 Stern
Currencies: Stern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 Stern
Commodities: Stern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 Stern
Trading Software: Stern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 Stern1 Stern Bewertung - halber Stern
Bonus: Stern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 Stern1 Stern Bewertung - halber Stern
Website: Stern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 Stern
Mobile: Mobile für iphone mobile für Android etc. Fehlanzeige!
Languages Englisch Language German Language Spanisch Italian French Português Русский
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OptionFair Informations
Website http://www.OptionFair.com
Asset Index at OptionFair
Currencies 17
Commodities 3
Indices 13
Stocks 10
Trading Information on OptionFair
Return up to 89%
High Yield Return up to 350%
Loss Coverage up to 15%
Min. Investment $/€ 25
Option Types High/Low, One Touch, Boundary
Expiry Times 15, 30, 60 Min., 24 h
OptionFair Infos
Demo Account yes
Webtrader Software yes
Mobile Trading no
Bonus für Neukunden up to 100% on first deposit
Min. Deposit $/€ 200,-
Support at OptionFair
Working Hours: From Monday at 07:00 through Friday at 23:00, 24 hours a day.
Phone Intl. UK: +44 203 5190373
Fax CYP: +357 25 503 001
Support e-Mail customercare@optionfair.com
Live Chat yes
Adresse optionfair
Limassol City House, 3rd Floor, 6 Karaiskakis Str. CY-3032 Limassol Cyprus
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OptionFair Payment Options
Wire Transfer
Skrill Moneybookers
Skrill Moneybookers
Diners Club
Diners Club

Maestro Card

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