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  60 seconds binary options
  Using binary options even extremely short term trades can be executed. Read about the advantages and disadvantages of 60 seconds option trading

There are various trading types with binary options. Cash or nothing options mean a call or put option with the objective of going high or low, thus to anticipate a rising or falling rate. This also is the basis for 60 seconds binary options, or more succinctly 60 seconds trading.

Here the trader decides within a short time on a trend. At the initiation of the trade the clock begins to count down from 60 seconds. The trader now speculates that within 60 seconds his predicted trend will be confirmed. Should this turn out to be the case, one can with various providers earn up to 85%, very rarely even up to 89%. If the trade does not reach the desired trend and develops conversely, the commitment is lost, or from brokers with loss protection, a refund of up to 15% of the committed amount will be received. 

To keep in mind with 60 seconds binary option trading
Those approaching 60 seconds trading in binary options for the first time should begin by clarifying for themselves which resources to use in order to achieve success.

It could be tickers containing market news, in which case one may be waiting for data on certain fundamentals and will initiate the trade the moment the news provide information important for the determination of the trend.  Consider for instance a live interview with the central bank’s boss on raising, or not, interest rates. As soon as he confirms that rates will go up, one could speculate on a short term falling trend in the national index.
Else it could be chart based information that provides a clue. In this case one will have to be very fast and to monitor an asset value simultaneously with th option platform. Real time charts that are dynamically actualized are in this case indispensable.

Pfeil grün Conclusion on the topic of 60 seconds binary options trading

This is not for everyone. What is needed in any case, unless one only wants gamble a little bit, is time, good knowledge of the market, and most of all very good support tools that will provide a transparent view of the data one recognizes as important (market data or chart data). Those wanting to trade in 60 seconds binary options should in any case be aware of the heightened risks. Functions such as for instance take profit are usually not available so that after the imitation of the trade the risk can no longer be mitigated.

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