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  24option Review
  24option.com is a new broker for binary options. Several innovative trading methods distinguished it in our testing.
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If you are looking for a reputable and user friendly trading platform for binary options, 24option.com may be the right choice. This is a relatively new trading platform that was established only in 2010 by a London based company. As a brokerage 24option.com is interesting for trade deals with binary options as well as for forecasts of exchange rates, the development of share indices, commodity prices and share prices.

Pfeil grün Trading Tools at 24option

Traders at 24option.com are presented by the platform with many choices. Trading strategies can be chosen according to one’s preferences. Besides binary options of the high/low model, range options or one touch possibilities can be utilized. The decisions of how to invest and which trading strategies or goals to pursue, is left to each individual trader. The broad range of choices can also be used by newcomers to trading within demo accounts that are free for an unlimited period. Thus beginners at 24option.com can without risk of loss study all the rules and features of trading before committing real money. The training software provides $5000 in play money. Video tutorials teach how to proceed and what to consider when working with various options. Psychology plays an important role with binary options. Prior knowledge of share prices etc will in practice be extremely useful. High risk trading should be performed only by experienced traders who understand risk in terms of high yield chances and can afford to absorb occasional high losses.

Risk trading options are available at 24option.com via the “High/Low” menu with the additional choice of “Above/Below”. Furthermore risk versions of “One Touch” and the normal “Boundary” option are available as “High Yield Touch” and “High Yield Boundary”. After concluding a high yield option successfully (“in the money”), 24option.com will grant returns of maximal 360 percent. Naturally some trading activities start out promising, but then change unfavourably for the trader. Through “Early Closure” the trading process can be cancelled in time to avoid losses. Up until 5 minutes before the term expiration time one can still exit or buy back the binary option in question. The following are the particular trading options at 24option briefly explained:

High/low options
The classic possibility of binary option trading, also offered by 24option.com, is known as high/low option. Here one ventures to predict that the value of an item of trade will fall short of or exceed its actual price within a freely determined time period.
Above/below options
In the risk version one selects “Above/Below” and has to manage bridging larger distances – so called pips – within the predicted rate development. If the prediction turns out to be correct up to 360 percent gains can be realized.
One touch options
In the one touch option the trader decides if a set rate will reach certain price limits or not. The rate reaching the predicted target at least once (one touch) will affect the expected return favourably. However no touch will mean the loss of the committed amount.
High yield touch
The risk version high yield touch increases the incentive as well as the possible gains or losses because the criteria are more complex. The distance from the initial price is much higher, and consequently the probability to reach it is much lower.
Boundary / range options
With the 24option.com boundary option a price range is determined in relation to the actual current rate that will either remain within the defined range – or just not. The latter case is called out of boundary. A risk version is on offer as high yield boundary.

24option.com pays on principle up to 85 percent yield on each successfully concluded trade and grants refunds on loss trades of maximal 15 percent of the committed amount. Thus ending up with a total loss will be avoided.

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24option Trading Room

Pfeil grün Trading platform and security at 24option

Even the sophisticated and visually appealing design of the 24option trading platform may be pleasing already. With its black and gold colour scheme it appears more elegant than many competitors. The structure of the 24option.com website is intuitive and visually clear. Even for newcomers it is easy to find their way around. Trading at 24option.com offers binary options that can utilize 53 so called assets. Besides currencies one can also choose globally known share indices or shares, commodities or precious metals as the object of one’s trading deals.

Every trader can keep his actual account either in U.S. Dollars or in the European common currency. The trader has - depending on the amount of the initial deposit and further financial resources - basically a choice of three different account types. The regular account with 24options.com requires a minimum deposit of US$250. There are no maximum limits, but a large enough increase will change the account type. A Euro deposit requires a similar amount according to exchange rates. Deposits for 24option.com gold accounts require higher minimum amounts, namely US$5,000 or corresponding Euro amounts. Initial deposits for platinum accounts require US$10,000 or corresponding Euro amounts respectively.

The minimum trading volume is set to US$25 per trade, but this can be exceeded significantly. Deposits – as well as eventual returns – into and out of the trading account are handled hassle free via credit card or bank transfer. However we would have liked to see a wider range of choices here.

Pfeil grün Customer service, banking & bonus at 24option

VIP customers of 24option.com can access further advantages. Higher returns of up to 91 percent can be expected. Further details are described below. The broker 24option.com appeals especially to pro traders who do not hesitate to make commitments of US$15,000. With higher trading capital one’s financial management can be scaled accordingly. Even as a novice one does not require special software and can get started right away. For new traders: cost free training by phone is available with true German language support. Even without prior experience in binary options all the choices at 24option.com are easy to understand. Orders can be placed 24/7 from any place and country. Using mobile devices like Blackberrys, Android smartphones (Samsung, HTC) or iPhones, one’s trades can be tracked with a corresponding 24option app without download. Thus one can hit the emergency brake even while on the road in case a trade might become too hot.

The pay in and pay out options via credit cards, bank transfers, Skrill or Liberty Reserve work without problems and are secure. As a drawback must be seen that modern online payment services like PayPal are currently not available.

Customer service is a crucial quality component for such trading platforms. In our test the 24option.com customer support via chat could score points. At all times competent support personnel is available. In addition the trading company can be reached at any time via email or by phone. In case of problems this is invaluable. Experiences with the bonus or VIP programs on offer show that 24option is well placed in this regard too. VIP status is awarded, as mentioned earlier, with deposits in the minimum amount of US$5,000. They grant access to the gold status and consequently to higher yields. The base return rate here lies at 87 percent – thus 2 percent higher than otherwise, In addition one qualifies as a VIP or gold trader with 24option.com for the initial deposit bonus of 50 percent of self contribution. Real trading pros with appropriate financial resources can with a platinum account receive an initial deposit bonus of 100 percent. However there is no obligation to accept such bonuses.

Pfeil grün Verdict on 24option

24option is a very good broker for beginners and professionals. The regular trading account is suitable for beginners; the platinum account should only be used by professionals. In regard to available assets 24option could further expand its offering; in addition to the German live chat a German hot line would also be welcome. Otherwise we found the range of services to be very satisfactory and our experiences in trading were positive. We particularly liked the mobile versions for iPhone and Android.

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Pfeil grün 24option Website Preview:

24option Rating
Overall: Stern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung - halber Stern
Stocks: Stern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 Stern
Indices: Stern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 Stern
Currencies: Stern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 Stern1 Stern Bewertung - halber Stern
Commodities: Stern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 Stern
Trading Software: Stern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 Stern1 Stern Bewertung - halber Stern
Bonus: Stern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 Stern1 Stern Bewertung - halber Stern
Website: Stern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 Stern
Mobile: Mobile für iphone mobile für Android etc. Stern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 SternStern Bewertung 1 Stern1 Stern Bewertung - halber Stern
Languages (16), i.e. Englisch Language German Language Spanisch Italian French Português Русский
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24option Informations
Website http://www.24option.com
Asset Index at 24option
Currencies 16
Commodities 4
Indices 12
Stocks 26
Trading Information on 24option
Return up to 91%
High Yield Return up to 360%
Loss Coverage up to 15%
Min. Investment $/€ 25
Option Types High/Low, Above/Below, One Touch, Boundary, 60 Seconds
Expiry Times 60 Sec, 2, 5, 15, 60 Min, 24h
24option Infos
Demo Account yes
Webtrader Software yes
Mobile Trading iPhone und Android
Bonus 20%-100% for new customers
Min. Deposit $/€ 250,-
Support at 24option
Working Hours: 24/7
Phone Intl. UK: +44 203 355 7204
Fax UK: +44 207 657 3101
Support e-Mail info@24option.com
Live Chat yes
Adresse Agias Fylaxeos & Z. Rossidi, 2.
1St floor, P.O. Box 59655.
Limassol 4011, Cyprus
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24option Payment Options
Wire Transfer
Skrill Moneybookers
Skrill Moneybookers
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